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Ultrasafe from ACG is an ultra-high barrier thermoformable film which is manufactured by coating pharmaceutical grade polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with Solvay’s Diofan® Super B polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC). Diofan® Super B, a superior grade of PVdC is a unique co-polymer which imparts Ultrasafe its exceptional moisture and oxygen barrier.

It offers:

Optimum Barrier
against moisture and oxygen.

Good Seal Integrity
Ultrasafe films offer strong seal integrity that can be achieved even at high speeds and require no specific tooling modification.

Outstanding Optical Properties
Ultrasafe films help produce transparent, clear blisters.

Pack Size Reduction
The blister fabricated from Ultrasafe offers the twin benefit of a reduced pack size and an increased pill density.


  • Lowers the amount of packaging material that is required for packing the same number of pills
  • Brings down the material cost.
  • Reduced pack sizes require less storage space, which allows for more packs to be transported.
  • Patient compliance increases because small pack sizes render better portability and help patients administer their doses at their convenience.

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